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# dotfiles
-Here's a bunch of dotfiles I use. Some of them I've built myself but most of
-the stuff is recycled from other people's files.
+Here's a bunch of my dotfiles. Some of them I've built myself but most of the
+stuff is recycled from other people's files. Here are a couple of highlights on
+what I have:
+## Awesome WM
+The window manager I use on Linux these days.
+- Some keymappings are similar to ones used in [dwm][].
+- Volume control widget mostly ripped from [Vicious][].
+- [Icon theme][icons] by anrxc.
+## Emacs
+I run Emacs 24 (pre-release) on most of my machines, and already use some new
+features it offers.
+- Package management using package.
+- Configurations for [Notmuch][] plugin.
+- [Evil][] with Emacs mode as insert mode.
+## Vim
+I mostly use Emacs these days, but I do launch Vim for small edits from time to
+- Color scheme: seanmod.vim (a variant of sean.vim)
+- Bunch of really nice mappings courtesy of [Vimbits][].
+- Some Emacs-like keybindings.
+- [Pathogen][] for managing Vim plugins.
+## XKB
+Includes my own XKB keymap (AltFin). It is based on the US International
+keyboard layout. It just removes all the dead keys and adds some diaeresis
+mappings to that extra key between the left shift and Z keys. The mapping is
+similar one used in [ArkkuDvorak][].
+## Other stuff I have configurations for
+- ZSH
+- Tmux
+- Pentadactyl
+- Xresources

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