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- fix TZ bug
- fix doc bug regarding runners
- crontab option
- make tickle easier
- eval option
- flesh out the cli interface - it's a test only at this point
- commands need quoting, esp for windows, "c:\Documents And..." etc
- the whole gem_path thing is still fubar
- signals not operating properly on windows , non critical error tho...
- need to figure out how to cache connections for
- ttl will be added. maxing it out will cause auto-resubmission (Steve Midgley)
- is having the runner thread try forever to start the process the best thing?
- allow easy way to run ruby code. perhaps ./script/runner 'eval'
is good enough
- allow easy way to run ruby code that persists
- allow specification of runner on submit (--runner)
- allow specification of tags a runner will consume (--tag)
- test in windows
X ./script/console submission hangs on windows
X default PATH setting
X install issues for dave? - gem_path...
X main only loaded for (bin|script)/bj
X make it possible to declare externally managed runners
X restartable will be added. true by default (Steve Midgley)
X do the lifeline inline with the loop
X need to address the serialzable writer issue (:lock => true ??)
X migrations use --force
X i forget to add "#{ Bj.ruby } ... " to the generate command
X ./script/bj must be found in path before c:/.....bin/bj
X make sure database.yml is loaded via YAML::load( * "config/database.yml").result)