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Ferret: the extensible information retrieval library for ruby.
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Ferret is an information retrieval library in the same vein as Apache Lucene. Originally it was a full port of Lucene but it now uses it's own file format and indexing algorithm although it is still very similar in many ways to Lucene. Everything you can do in Lucene you should be able to do in Ferret.


c/ Ferret is written in C for speed. The actual C code should be fairly easy to use in an application or create bindings to a language other than Ruby.

ruby/ This directory contains the Ruby bindings and tests. See ruby/ for information on installing Ferret's Ruby bindings


To contribute code, please contact me at or submit a ticket.


Dave Balmain


The Apache Software Foundation (Doug Cutting and friends) Original Apache Lucene. There have also been many other contributers to Ferret. I will start to record them on the Ferret website.

Jens Krämer for keeping this project alive.


Ferret is available under an MIT-style license.


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