Analytical helper not loading in rails #39

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gsiener commented Jan 31, 2012

We had been using the analytical gem circa version 2 and recently upgraded to 3.0.12. It appears that the view helper wasn't loading correctly, giving the following error:
undefined local variable or method 'analytical' for #<#<Class:0x10a261b18>:0x10a251560>

Adding helper_method :analytical to our application_controller.rb fixed this issue. We are on rails 3.1.3.


This seems like it's a duplicate of #38. Can you confirm this, @gsiener? Perhaps provide a failing spec? Thanks!

gsiener commented Feb 19, 2013

I'm no longer involved with the project that I originally filed this for, but the workaround I mentioned above did sort everything out. Closing.

@gsiener gsiener closed this Feb 19, 2013
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