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gyarra commented Jan 27, 2013


I noticed some differences between the code in the gem and the code on Github. It appears that the gem code is more current, although both say they are version 3.0.12. I'm happy to merge in code from the gem that seems more up to date.


  • In the gem, the mixpanel JS library is correctly referenced by the correct name, mpmetrics. In the source it's referenced mixpanel - not actually the JS lib name.
  • The gem links to the JS library from api.mixpanel.com, so it will automatically get updates. The git code includes a hard-coded JS library that may be out of date.


3 differences


2 differences


3 differences.

Just say the word and I'm happy to jump in.


gyarra commented Feb 1, 2013

Never mind, I was wrong about which code is more up to date. The code in git is more recent.

Having said that, I think the version number in the github source should be incremented to show that this code is for the next release. Perhaps that sounds pedantic, but it would have made things more clear to me.

The reason this was an issue for me is I was trying to monkey-patch the MixPanel module. It didn't work because the library name is "mpmetrics" in the gem, but it's "mixpanel" in the current code-base. I was using the code-base as an example to work from.

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