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gyarra commented Feb 1, 2013

Tiny fix to show that the code in github is for the next release. Associated with issue #60.

gyarra commented Feb 1, 2013

Crap, meant for this to not include the code from my other pull-request. Please just look at the last commit. It's such a nothing change that it could very easily be made manually without accepting the pull.


freerobby commented Feb 1, 2013

You can view the code for a specific version via the tagged releases. You can find them here and browse the code as of any release version: https://github.com/jkrall/analytical/tags

It's SOP in the Ruby community to bump gem versions immediately before a release. Personally I don't think it matters whether you do it immediately before or immediately after, but I do think it's best not to do it in the middle because it implies a release point when none exists.

freerobby closed this Feb 1, 2013

gyarra commented Feb 1, 2013

Fair enough. I've generally incremented versions just after a release, but I see your point about incrementing in the middle of a dev cycle.

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