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SHELL.FM RELEASE NOTES 0.8 - 2011-05-14
* Format flags for tags (%Z = artist tags, %D = album tags, %z = track tags) -
thanks to Jan Zerebecki.
* Reload configuration without restart (press 'C').
* New commands for network interface (volume, volume-{up, down}, rtp, status,
detach - see manual for details). Thanks to Nathan B., Bernhard Frauendienst
and myself.
* New option "np-unescaped-cmd" (like "np-cmd", but without escaping) - thanks
to Mark Goodall.
* New format flags %f/%t for track duration/remaining time formatted as "M:SS"
- thanks to Nathan B.
* New format flags %I for album art image URL - thanks to Nathan B.
* '?' now prints custom keys as well.
* Non-blocking socket/keyboard input.
* Some network commands now return status codes to the client - see manual for
* Support for "Now Playing Notification" on Last.FM.
* Setting default-radio to "last" makes shell-fm start with the last played
* New format flags %~ for $HOME and %V for current track rating - thanks to
Matthias Goebl.
* Allow custom actions for hardcoded/preset keys.
* A bunch of bug-fixes and smaller changes which aren't listed here. Check the
log for details.
Authors / Contributors:
* Jan Zerebecki
* Yuri D'Elia
* Marco Leogrande
* Mike Kelly
* Jean Richard
* Bart Trojanowski
* Mark Goodall
* Nathan B.
* Derek Wueppelmann
* Bernhard Frauendienst
* Matthias Goebl
* Florian Sesser
* Jonas Kramer
SHELL.FM RELEASE NOTES 0.7 - 2009-08-30
* Added "screen-format" option to set GNU screen window titles on track change.
* When "term-format" is set to a format string, shell-fm will set the terminals window title on track-change now.
* When option "download" is set to a path including format flags, free tracks are saved and tagged (with taglib support)
* Prompt for radio URI on startup if no default radio is set and no URI is given as command line argument.
* Added "gap" option for sleeping between tracks.
* Added delayed quit ('q', works only if delay-change is set).
* Delay of station changes works for bookmarks now.
* Bookmark list is sorted.
* Empty station cancels delayed station change.
* $SHELL_FM_HOME is used as base directory instead of ~/.shell-fm/, if set.
* Add pp-cmd that runs after a track is saved.
* Small playback buffer to decrease CPU load when playing without libao.
* Disable RTP at startup if "no-rtp" is set to something in the configuration.
Authors / Contributors:
* Benoît Rouits
* Csaba Henk
* Matthew Donoughe
* Matthias Goebl
* Mike Kelly
* Silviu Grijincu
* Stepan Kasal
* Cedric
* Jonas Kramer
SHELL.FM RELEASE NOTES 0.6 - 2008-09-04
Many thanks to the contributors to this release:
* Mike Kelly (fixes for FreeBSD)
* Lars-Dominik Braun (bug fixes)
* Rodrigo Tartajo (small improvements)
* Guillaume Pinot (patches for OpenBSD)
* Alexander Monakov (meta flags in extern option)
* Wirt Wolff (manual update)
* Åke Forslund (bug fix)
New features:
* delayed station change:
'r', 's' and 'f' wait until the currently played track ends before
changing to the next station if "delay-change" is set.
* playlist preview:
'u' prints upcoming tracks in the station queue, with 'E' you can
manually load the next bunch of tracks of the playlist.
With 'preview-format' you can change the format of the track list.
* 'discovery' in the configuration lets you enable discovery mode by default.
* UNIX socket support for local "remote" control (check manual).
* Directories ~/.shell-fm/ and ~/.shell-fm/cache are created automatically.
* 'extern' option has support for format flags.
* Better support for *BSD.
* Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
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