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Shell.FM 0.5 Installation
* libmad
* libao (optional)
* libtagc (optional)
1. Run "make".
2. Run "make install" as root.
3. Read the manual for per-user setup information.
NOTE: The Makefile uses /usr as PREFIX and $PREFIX/man as MANDIR by default.
You can override those on the command line. For example, Debian/Ubuntu users
usually have their manuals in /usr/share/man, so they would install shell-fm
like this:
$ make install PREFIX=/usr MANDIR=/usr/share/man
NOTE: To install a stripped version of shell-fm (about 10K smaller), use
"install-strip" instead of "install":
$ make install-strip
To install to a temporary root (for example, when building a binary
package), you can use the DESTDIR variable, just like with autotools