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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (C) 2009 by Silviu Grijincu <>.
# Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
# fetches lyrics from
# The script is triggered by a key that is not already
# in use by shell-fm and must be set. (See bellow)
# Save in the ~/.shell-fm/scripts/ directory.
# (if the directories do not exist please create them)
# To enable the plugin you must have a configuration file.
# 1.Create a file named shell-fm.rc in the ~/.shell-fm/ directory.
# 2.Put the following line in shell-fm.rc file :
# key0x?? = /usr/bin/python ~/.shell-fm/scripts/ %a %t
# 4.Replace ?? with the ASCII hex code of the triggering key you wold like to use.
# for example, to use ` (backquote) as a trigger replace ?? with 60 as bellow:
# key0x60 = /usr/bin/python ~/.shell-fm/scripts/ %a %t
from urllib2 import *
from sys import argv
class LyricSource:
"A lyric soruce"
def __init__(self, artist, title):
"init a Lyric source"
self.artist = artist
self.title = title
def get_lyrics(self):
"get lyrics."
return (False, "this is a dummy lyric source, no lyric can be found")
class DummyLyricSource(LyricSource):
def __init__(self, artist, title):
LyricSource.__init__(self, artist, title)
def get_lyrics(self):
return (False, "dummy error message from DummyLyricSource")
class LyricWiki(LyricSource):
def __init__(self, artist, title):
LyricSource.__init__(self, artist, title)
self.URL = ''
def canonical(self, str):
# capitalize every word after an ' ' and
# replace ' ' with '_'
return "_".join(map((lambda x : x.capitalize()), str.split(' ')))
def get_url(self):
return self.URL + self.canonical(self.artist) + ':' + self.canonical(self.title)
def get_html(self, url):
html = urlopen(url).read()
return (True, html)
except HTTPError, e:
errmsg = 'The server couldn\'t fulfill the request for ' + url
errmsg += 'Error code: ' + str(e.code)
return (False, errmsg)
except URLError, e:
errmsg = 'We failed to reach the server ' + url
errmsg += 'Reason: ' + str(e.reason)
return (False, errmsg)
return (False, "unexpected path reached in LyricWiki.get_html")
def filter_html_markers(self, html):
rules = ( ('<br />', '\n '),
('<br>', '\n '),
('&gt;', '>'),
('&lt;', '<'),
('&nbsp;', ' '))
for (x, y) in rules:
html = html.replace(x, y)
return ' ' + html
def parse_lyrics(self, html, url):
instrumental = html.find('This song is an instrumental.')
if instrumental <> -1:
return (True, 'This song is instrumental.')
start_marker = '<div class=\'lyricbox\' >'
found = html.find(start_marker)
if found == -1:
return (False, 'Lyrics not found at ' + url + '.')
start = found + len(start_marker)
end = html.find('\n', start)
lyrics = self.filter_html_markers(html[start:end])
return (True, lyrics)
def get_lyrics(self):
url = self.get_url()
(success, msg) = self.get_html(url)
if success == False:
return (False, msg)
html = msg
return self.parse_lyrics(html, url)
def main(argv):
artist = argv[1]
title = argv[2]
# TODO: after adding a new LyricSouce class, append
# an object of that class here
lyric_sources = (LyricWiki(artist, title), DummyLyricSource(artist, title))
lyrics = map( (lambda x : x.get_lyrics()), lyric_sources)
# print the first lyrics found
for (success, lyric) in lyrics:
if success == True:
print lyric
if debug:
# if no lyrics found, print all error messages
for (success, errmsg) in lyrics:
print errmsg
print 'Lyrics not found.'
if __name__ == "__main__":
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