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can i use new api with api account? #73

ohnonot opened this Issue Dec 9, 2012 · 4 comments

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ohnonot commented Dec 9, 2012

firstly, i apologize that the nature of my post doesn't really fit in here but there's no other forum for shell-fm.
it still might be useful for improving shell-fm, which i've been using happily for over a year.
but recently, i cannot use it anymore though works normally from the web browser.

after reading #71, which is very much like my own problem, i thought all hope is lost - but then i found and managed to get myself an api account.

is it possible to use shell-fm with the api key i get?
i tried to manually replace the api key in this:

Please open in your browser to authorize shell-fm.

(it's the message the newest shell-fm gives after first start)

and after that requested a token from and replaced it in the token file in the .shell-fm folder, but then i get this:

Invalid authentication token supplied.
Failed to create session. Please refresh authorization.
Please open in your browser to authorize shell-fm.

---so, how can i use those api keys? there's 2, the api key and a "Secret".

i've made cosmetic modifications to sthe shell-fm source code before,so if it's just a question of replacing one code with another, i might do it. and share my results.

thanks in advance.

ohnonot commented Dec 9, 2012

i tried to replace the 2 keys i found in shell-fm/source/include/rest.h with those i got from creating the api account. i still get the same error message:

Sorry, couldn't set station to users/xxxxx/personal. The Webservices API key supplied does not have permission to stream / create new radio trials.

  • i really don't know if this is policy or if it is sth that can be repaired in shell-fm.

i never paid for my account but have been using it for 5 years or so, always able to access these features: change radio stations, download free tracks, unlimited listening - afaik that's as good as it gets.
also with shell-fm during the last year i never felt any limitation.

now #71 mentioned in my first post suggests that without a subscription i can't use 3rd party apps anymore.
however the forum link suggests that it is still possible to use apps with a "test api key" if i get an api account, free.
which i did.

so here i am wondering.
i'm not much of a coder (yet), sorry to say.

btw, i can still listen to with vagalume, without any modifications - but i can't change stations, it always plays my "recommended".
vagalume has been last updated over a year ago (it's in debian and ubuntu repos).

Mischi commented Aug 13, 2013

have you solved this problem?

jkramer commented Aug 14, 2013

This is nothing you can "fix" in shell-fm. decided that you have to pay for a subscription to be able to use 3rd party clients, nothing we can do about it. These limitation do not depend on the API key. So if you're using a test API key, you'll still need a valid account that's allowed to stream.

Mischi commented Aug 15, 2013

ah ok, thanks!

@jkramer jkramer closed this Mar 16, 2014
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