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cfra commented Aug 17, 2012

For my usage, I have somewhat modified the downloading behaviour of shell-fm.

I was somewhat annoyed by the empty directories created by shell-fm in download mode. (This happens if I skip a track or exit shell-fm, for example) The solution for this which appealed most to me is to use a different temporary file for buffering which is placed without the need to create output directories. As it is quite hard to tell where the download "base" directory is, and how filesystems are positioned (obviously the buffer-file should be on the same filesystem as the download path), I made the buffer file a configuration option.

This is almost a necessity for the second patch which allows the user to configure shell-fm in a way so not every track will be stored in the download dir, but only those track which they select.

I think that other users might benefit from these features as well, and they do not change the old behaviour if they are not explicitly configured, therefore, I would like it if these changes would make it to mainline.

Best Regards,
Christian Franke

cfra added some commits Aug 17, 2012

Store temporary download files in a configurable place.
By using the same temporary file for any track and only creating
the real target directory once the download is complete, empty
directories in the download directory are avoided.
Allow tracks to be downloaded selectively
Instead of storing every played track, only store it when
the users tells us to.
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