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Commits on Dec 4, 2008
  1. @tbleher
  2. @tbleher

    Replace one call of setline() with two calls to append()

    tbleher authored
    For a 7000 line file with a 2000 line narrowing, this
    sped up widening from 16.28s to 0.33s, a 50x improvement!
Commits on Nov 17, 2008
  1. Fixed error when zooming to a region that starts at line 1 or ends at…

    Jonas Kramer authored
    … line
  2. Deleting hidden content into black hole register to keep the normal

    Jonas Kramer authored
    registers content intact.
  3. Cleaned up code, added comments.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  4. Added install instructions.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  5. Added documentation.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  6. @kana

    Add notes on bugs

    kana authored
  7. @kana
  8. @kana

    Fix - put autocmd into a group

    kana authored
  9. @kana

    Refactor - b:narrow_info usage

    kana authored
  10. @kana
  11. @kana

    Fix - use buffer-local variable

    kana authored
  12. @kana
  13. @kana
  14. @kana
  15. @kana
  16. @kana
  17. @kana
  18. Keeping the cursor in place when widening.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  19. Added sane behavior for the modified flag.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  20. Added documentation.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  21. Fixed typo.

    Jonas Kramer authored
  22. Initial import of the narrow plugin.

    Jonas Kramer authored
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