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systemd unit files for running coda daemons as a service
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This repository contains some tooling for users wanting to run coda daemons as systemd services.

Quick Help:

make user
sudo make install
sudo systemctl start coda-daemon


There are two config files in the directory which you might want to adjust:

  • coda-config contains most settings
  • coda-config-snark-worker contains any overrides for the snark-workers (eg. thread count)

There are two simple templates provided for generating systemd unit service files.

make user builds the service files using the current username. (you may prefer to run the coda processes as another user)

The two generated service files are:

  • coda-daemon.service
  • coda-snark-worker@.service


sudo make install will install the service files in to /lib/systemd/system and the config files in to /etc/default. (your OS may expect systemd files in other locations)


Now you have normal systemd managed processes. (they will be restarted if they crash, etc.)

Start up a coda-daemon. sudo systemctl start coda-daemon

Start up the number of snark workers you want to run. (This will depend on how many CPU cores you want to dedicate.)

eg. to enable and start 9

sudo systemctl enable coda-snark-worker@{1..9}
sudo systemctl start coda-snark-worker@{1..9}

Quick systemd hints:

  • systemctl enable coda-daemon - enable service
  • systemctl start coda-daemon - start service
  • systemctl status coda-daemon - check status
  • systemctl stop coda-daemon - check status
  • journalctl -u coda-daemon - see logs from a service
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