Small and easy PHP library for sending messages to Twitter and receiving statuses.
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Twitter for PHP (c) David Grudl, 2008 (


Twitter for PHP is a very small and easy-to-use library for sending
messages to Twitter and receiving status updates.

Project at GitHub:
Twitter's API documentation:
My PHP blog:

- PHP (version 5 or better)
- cURL extension


Create object using application and request/access keys

	$twitter = new Twitter($appKey, $appSecret, $accessKey, $accessSecret);

The send() method updates your status. The message must be encoded in UTF-8:

	$twitter->send('I am fine today.');

The load() method returns the 20 most recent status updates
posted in the last 24 hours by you:

	$channel = $twitter->load(Twitter::ME);

or posted by you and your friends:

	$channel = $twitter->load(Twitter::ME_AND_FRIENDS);

or most recent mentions for you:

	$channel = $twitter->load(Twitter::REPLIES);

The returned channel is a SimpleXMLElement object. Extracting
the information from the channel is easy:

	foreach ($channel->status as $status) {
		echo "message: ", $status->text;
		echo "posted at " , $status->created_at;
		echo "posted by " , $status->user->name;

The authenticate() method tests if user credentials are valid:

	if (!$twitter->authenticate()) {
		die('Invalid name or password');

The search() method provides searching in twitter statuses:

	$results = $twitter->search('#nette');

The returned result is a PHP array:

	foreach ($results as $result) {
		echo "message: ", $result->text;
		echo "posted at " , $result->created_at;
		echo "posted by " , $result->form_user;


To perform a complete OAuth authorization you need to prepare your script
to handle few reloads:

	try {
		$twitter = new Twitter($appKey, $appSecret);
	} catch (TwitterAuthException $e) {
		// the exception handles the three-phase authorization

		if ($e->getCode() === Twitter::AUTH_REDIRECT) {

			// STEP 1
			header('Location: ' . $e->getUri(), TRUE, 301);
			// or just print the link
			// echo "Please continue to: ", $e->getUri();

		} elseif ($e->getCode() === Twitter::AUTH_ACCESS) {

			// STEP 2: after redirecting back from Twitter API
			// we have the access keys stored in:
			// $e->getAccessKey(); and
			// $e->getAccessSecret();

	// STEP 3: after obtaining access keys

We can safely re-instantiate the object with proper access keys now.
They should be stored at most to a session.

readme.txt           - This file.
license.txt          - The license for this software (New BSD License).
twitter.class.php    - The core Twitter class source.
examples/send.php    - Example sending message to Twitter.
examples/load.php    - Example loading statuses from Twitter.
examples/search.php  - Example searching on Twitter.
lib/OAuth.php        - Pure OAuth library
lib/twitteroauth.php - Abraham Williams' Twitter OAuth library