A more reliable and faster version of MongoDB
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…y subtle corner case. It is possible for two users to come to our site *at the same time* resulting in multiple concurrent requests to Mango. This leads to performance problems due to context switching. Python tries to optimize this (see, e.g., http://www.dabeaz.com/python/UnderstandingGIL.pdf ), but in a distributed system I don't think we can assume that all nodes are implemented in python. This patch fixes the problem.



MangoDB is one of the fastest databases in existence. It allows you to store ANY KIND OF DATA you want without any IO bottleneck. You're only limited by the size of your pipe.

If you're familiar with MongoDB then you'll feel write at home with Mango. We'll instantly map all of your existing data without ANY EFFORT with a new and improved AUTO SHARTING ALGORITHM.

Getting Started

Install gevent:

easy_install -U gevent

Run the server:

python server.py

With your MongoDB client, connect to localhost on port 27017.

That's it! You'll enjoy the same reliability as you're used to with MongoDB, but you'll get your responses so fast that you'll never want to go back!

MangoDB and the Cloud

The cloud can be a scary place to put your database. However, thanks to Mango's proprietary auto sharting algorithm you won't need to worry, since Mango supports immediate autoscaling without any pesky configuration or having to wait for your cluster to rebalance -- just start a new Mango node and you can scale to infinity!

Also, due to MangoDB's innovative design, your database is no longer affected by your infrastructure provider's problems like slow or inaccessible block storage devices. While everyone else's databases are crashing and timing out, Mango will keep flying along as normal. It's an operations engineer's dream!


If you use this, you must donate $1 to someone more intelligent than you.


First and foremost, I have to thank 10gen for creating one of the greatest databases ever. Without their amazing marketing team, and their top notch broduct, we would not be able to build many of the great products on the web.