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JKQTPlotter - A Qt Plotting Library

This is an extensive library of function/data plotter classes for Qt (>= 5.0, tested with Qt up to 5.12).

This software is licensed under the term of the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 (LGPL 2.1) or above.

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Main Features

  • 2D Plotter widget class (JKQTPlotter)
    • high-quality plotting
    • no other dependencies than Qt >= 5.0
    • highly customizable axes/grids (linear/log, date/time, custom ticks ...)
    • integrated LaTeX parser (pure C++, no dependencies) to render mathematical equations in axis labels, ticks, ...
    • extensive user-interactions pre-programmed (several zooming modes, selecting regions, custom context menus, switch graph visibility, ...)
    • full print and export (PDF,PNG,...) support with preview and parametrization out-the-box
    • highly customizable look and feel
    • supports the Qt layout system for graphs and allows to symchronize several graphs with each other
  • centralized data management in an internal datastore:
    • data organized by columns, can also represent image data (ropw-major)
    • allows to reuse a column in several graphs
    • access via Qt's model view framework
    • external or internal datasets
    • complete with GUI (table view)
    • export capabilities (e.g. to CSV, SYLK, ...)
    • C++ standard iterator interface
    • statistics library (basic statistics, boxplots, histograms, kernel density estimates, regression analysis, polynomial fitting)
  • large variety of graphs that can be added to a plot, e.g.:
    • scatter-plots (also parametrized color/size/symbol by a third data-column)
    • line graphs, step graphs, impulses
    • filled curves
    • barcharts (also stacked)
    • extensive support for different styles of error indicators
    • integrated mathematical function parser for function plots (with intelligent rendering algorithm)
    • line/scatter graphs can also be based on C/C++ functions instead of data series (C++11 support!)
    • statistical plots (e.g. boxplots)
    • extensive library of image plots (inclusing different color-scale modes, RGBA-plots, overlays/masks)
    • contour plots
    • geometric forms/annotations
    • can be easily extended by deriving a new graph from JKQTPPlotElement, JKQTPPlotAnnotationElement, JKQTPGeometricPlotElement, JKQTPGraph
  • optional: OpenCV, CImg interfaces
  • CMake-based build system
  • extensive set of Examples/Tutorials
  • extensive doxygen-generated Documentation


A Documentation (auto-)generated with doxygen from the trunk source code can be found here:


There is a large set of usage examples (with explanations for each) and tutorials in the folder ./examples/. All test-projects are Qt-projects that use qmake to build. You can load them into QtCreator easily.


The Screenshots-page contains several screenshots, partly taken from the provided examples, but also from other software using this libarary (e.g. QuickFit 3.0)



Lates Release

JKQTPlotter contains two different build systems: A modern CMake-based build and an older (and deprecated!) QMake-based build (which works out of the box with Qt 5.x). Both systems are explained in detail in

With CMake you can easily build JKQTPlotter and all its examples, by calling something like:

    $ mkdir build; cd build
    $ cmake .. -G "<cmake_generator>" "-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<path_to_your_qt_sources>"
    $ cmake --build . --config "Debug"