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This is the inaugural Gitstuff site. You can see it at

Gitstuff is kind of like Tumblr, but with everything stored in Github, and you can have whatever metadata you want. And it's searchable, including the metadata.

File structure

These things follow a very simple structure:

  • Posts go in /posts
  • Templates go in /templates
  • Assets go in /assets

Individual posts have metadata up top, and content on the bottom, much like Jekyll.

Gitstuff expects a template file, index.html.liquid. You may also have a atom.xml.liquid file. They use (you guessed it), Liquid markup.


The post template is passed all of the metadata for your post, plus the content after the metadata (as the content variable). In addition, there are some extra bits.


  •,, and author.gravatar
  • created_at
  • modified_at

Context information

  • post (a collection of the posts for the page)
  • single_post (true or false)
  • search_form (an html snippet for the search form)
  • query (the current search query, if present)
  • root_path (the url for the home page)
  • asset_path (the base path for assets)
  • previous_page (the link to the previous page of results, if applicable)
  • next_page (the link to the next page of results, if applicable)

Local testing

gitstuff-preview is your friend.


Just set up a post-receive url on your Github repo. Ask @jkriss nicely if you want the secret info.