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import time
from tlgflaws import *
## this filter finds articles listed in the ChangeDetector database.
class FChangeDetector(FlawFilter):
shortname= 'ChangeDetector'
label= 'Change Detector'
# todo: insert changedetector link?
description= _('Page seems to be outdated compared to the same article in other Wikipedia language versions (Change Detector data).')
group= _('Currentness')
class Action(TlgAction):
def execute(self, resultQueue):
host= 'sql'
db= 'p_render_change_detector_p'
host= 'tools-db'
db= 'p50380g50454__change_detector'
with TempCursor(host, db) as cur:
format_strings = ','.join(['%s'] * len(self.pageIDs))
date= time.strftime( '%Y%m%d', time.localtime(time.time()-60*60*24) )
params= []
# get the changedetector identifiers of all pages which were NOT changed that day
cur.execute('SELECT page_id,identifier FROM noticed_article WHERE page_id IN (%s) AND language = %%s AND day = %%s AND detected_by_cta=0 AND detected_by_cts=0 AND detected_by_mdf=0' % format_strings, params)
unchanged= cur.fetchall()
if len(unchanged):
# for each unchanged page, check whether the page was changed in other languages on that day.
for row in unchanged:
#~ dprint(1, 'unchanged: %s' % str(row))
cur.execute('SELECT identifier,language FROM changed_article WHERE identifier=%s AND day=%s AND only_major!=0 AND non_bot!=0 AND many_user!=0 GROUP BY language', (row['identifier'], date))
res= cur.fetchall()
if len(res) > 5: # xxx this value depends on the setting in change.ini
#~ dprint(1, 'ident: %s' % str(res))
# fmt= ', '.join(['%s'] * len(res))
# info= fmt % map(lambda x: x['language'], res) # "not enough arguments for format string", why?!
info= ''
for s in map(lambda x: x['language'], res):
info+= ' '
info+= s
resultQueue.put(TlgResult(, getPageByID(, row['page_id'])[0], self.parent, infotext= 'changed in: %s' % info))
except Exception as ex:
dprint(0, "ChangeDetector filter exception: %s" % str(ex))
def getPreferredPagesPerAction(self):
return 100
def createActions(self, language, pages, actionQueue):
actionQueue.put(self.Action(self, language, pages))