Automatically run a command and reload your browser when files change
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Automatically run a command and reload your browser when files change


$ npm install jkroso/buildfresh -g

Then download and install the liveReload plugin for your browser. Plugins are available for firefox, safari, and chrome. If you need others you can just add the liveReload script directly to your page. If your want to develop for several browsers at the time that should work fine, all connected browsers get refreshed at each change.

Basic Usage

The simplest possible case is bfresh followed by whatever you normal build command is

$ bfresh make

I will monitor all files within the current working and run make whenever one changes before sending a signal to liveReload to refresh the browser. Often this won't be good enough though since if the built file is within the CWD it will trigger another file change event and thereby start an infinite loop. To prevent this you can reduce the files being monitored in a number of ways.

Selecting the top level directory

$ bfresh -d src

Will not look at anything above $CWD/src/. In a lot of cases this will be enough but if not you also have some filtering options. See below.

Filtering files

$ bfresh -x node_modules\|public

Will prevent files with either "node_modules" or "public" in their path from being watched. Its a good idea to exclude "node_modules" anyway since it could slow things down if their are a lot of them.

$ bfresh -i app

Will monitor only files with "app" somewhere in their path


To Andrey Tarantsov for the awesome liveReload tool chain and filewatching tools. This tool is just a thin interface on your work.