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handy development time middleware for projects which are written in the spirit of the commonjs module system. Its designed to integrate with a connect style static file server. It will filter requests looking for either a ".js" extension or an ".html". If it finds a ".js" it will send the corresponding file but with all its dependencies consolidated with it. Think of it like a run-able tarball. If it finds a ".html" extension it looks at the corresponding file and if it has only one in-line script tag it assumes you mean to compile the code in-line and does so. This is a really nice feature if your creating a lot of small examples etc..

Getting Started

With npm

$ npm install serve-js --save

then in your express/connect app:

var serveJS = require('serve-js')


for now just take a look at the tests.

Running the tests

$ npm install
$ make test
$ open http://localhost:3000/test/inline.html
$ open http://localhost:3000/test/external.html