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The digraph_export module provides a set of utility functions for converting digraph graphs into common graph file formats. In addition, graph viewing programs can be launched to view those files.

It is intended for use in debugging and visualizing graphs, not for customizing the export process. As such, no graph features beyond digraph's built in ID and label constructs are supported.



Getting Started

This library is published to as digraph_export. If you're using rebar3 as your build tool, it can be added as a dependency to your rebar.config as follows:

{deps, [{digraph_export}]}.


1> Graph = digraph:new(),
    digraph:add_vertex(Graph, 1, first),
    digraph:add_vertex(Graph, 2, second),
    digraph:add_edge(Graph, edge, 1, 2, connected).
2> GraphML = digraph_export:convert(Graph, graphml).
3> digraph_export:view(GraphML, graphml, cytoscape).

Cytoscape Example Graph


The following output file formats are supported:


If installed and present on the current $PATH, the following programs can be launched:


Please fork the repo and submit a PR. Tests are run via:

rebar3 as test eunit, proper

Documentation is autogenerated using edown and edoc via:

rebar3 as markdown edoc

The application has only been tested with Erlang/OTP 21 on Windows 10. Reports of success (or failure!) on other versions and operating systems are appreciated.


This module was created while working on an Erlang exercise, where I had managed to incorrectly create the underlying graph. Once I finally found the bug, I realized it would have been quite a bit easier if I'd been able to visualize the graph I'd created.


Image by Fir0002

CC BY-SA 3.0