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Welcome to the IHM Transit Data Linkage page! This page documents the process by which public transport smartcard transactions, collected under the ITSO standard (https://www.itso.org.uk/), can be linked to other datasets to infer spatial and temporal journey characteristics of passengers.

The datasets involved are:

  • AFC: smartcard transactions as recorded by automated fare collection system
  • AVL: GPS-based vehicle tracking, known as Automated Vehicle Locations
  • Asset Log: location log of ticket machines across the fleet
  • CCH: anonymised passenger account database, relating smartcards to an anonymised account ID
  • Timetables: local timetable data collected in CIF format
  • Naptan Stops: official, geo-referenced database of all bus stop in the UK
  • Network Route Lookup: an enriched version of the timetable linking routes to scheduled journeys and stops

Here we provide details of the data linkage process along with reference to the specific files employed.

The data linkage can be considered in three parts.

  1. Initial data preparation and enrichment.
  2. Linkage of AFC, AVL and Timetables.
  3. Linkage of AFC and Timetable prior to availability of AVL.
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