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Change Log

Also see the release notes of underlying morphia library and the GORM-MongoDB User Guide

v0.7.8 – 2012-02-24

  • ast-transformations fix

v0.7.7 – 2012-02-23

  • Moved ast-transformations to a jar – fixed bug where a additional “clean” is required on first run
  • Updated morphia library to 0.99.1-SNAPSHOT (it was renamed from 1.00 by the morphia team)
  • Updated MongoDB Java driver to 2.7

v0.7.6 – 2011-12-02

  • Renamed “validation” to “validate” as parameter for queries
  • “validate” and “failOnError” parameters for save() method

v0.7.5 – 2011-10-23

v0.7.4 – 2011-10-13

  • Grails 2.0 compatibility
  • Added validation property to query parameters to optionally turn of validation (thanks to Alexander)
  • Using MongoDB java driver 2.6

v0.7.3 – 2011-07-03

  • Updated morphia library to 1.00-SNAPSHOT (r1740)
  • Added sorting order parameter in MongoDB queries – better gorm compatibility
  • breaking change static update method now updates all matched entities! There was a bug: instead of updating all matched entities, it updated only the first
  • GPGORMMONGODB-15 Added updateFirst operation

v0.7.2 – 2011-03-27

  • Fix in Key.fetch(): NullPointerException if Key didn’t hold a class reference
  • findAll now returns all found entities as documented, not only the first 25

v0.7.1 – 2011-02-28

  • Fix in ObjectFactory: inherited classes were not always resolved correctly

v0.7 – 2011-02-27

  • an ObjectFactory is used to create domain instances. Now all domain objects are autowired automatically, also those returned by find* and list methods.
  • makeKey method is now deprecated, please use createKey instead
  • new instance method: createDBRef
  • countAll is now deprecated, please use count instead
  • added fromDBObject and toDBObject methods
  • added fetch() method to class

v0.6.3 – 2011-02-25

v0.6.2 – 2011-02-24

v0.6.1 – 2011-02-24

    • Subclasses don’t get the id injected automatically anymore – if the superclass is also managed by the plugin
    • You can control the autoinjection process by using the grails.plugins.mongodb.ast.TransformationConfiguration annotation

v0.6 – 2011-02-19

  • PLUGIN RENAMED: now you will find this plugin as ‘mongodb-morphia’ in the grails repository
  • breaking change findByX is no longer synonym for findAllByX, but for findOneByX. So findByX now returns only the first result, and is consistent with find() and findAll() methods.
  • support for replica sets
  • implemented the beforeValidate event introduced in grails 1.3.6
  • updated morphia library to 0.99

v0.5.4 – 2010-12-10

  • support for getAll method
  • support for countAll method
  • updated morphia library to 0.98

v0.5.3 – 2010-11-30

  • updated morphia library to 0.97

v0.5.2 – 2010-11-26

  • updated morphia library to 0.96
  • added static collection property to access the unterlying mongodb collection
  • added addTo* methods support
  • by default the classname is not stored for every document anymore. Add annotation to enable manually

v0.5.1 – 2010-10-03

  • added static update method

v0.5 – 2010-09-15

  • Maven is now used to resolve MongoDB driver and morphia dependency
  • updated morphia library to 0.95
    • ObjectId is now default id type
    • update method uses UpdateOperation now – breaking change! – see user guide
  • using MongoDB java driver 2.1
  • redefined and extended index mapping

v0.4.3 – 2010-08-26

v0.4.2 – 2010-08-20

v0.4.1 – 2010-08-13

  • automatically injected version property now marked transient (it is automatically injected to work with scaffolding)

v0.4 – 2010-08-12

  • switched to global AST transformations, so no more annotations for mongo domains needed, MongoEntity deprecated
  • updated to grails 1.3.4
  • mongo artefacts are of type “MongoDomain” again. Plugin works with hibernate again
  • updated petclinic

v0.3.2 – 2010-07-20

  • updated morphia library to 0.94
  • added support for index mapping

v0.3 – 2010-07-04

  • added update method
  • updated morphia to latest snapshot (revision 600)
  • tested with Grails 1.3.2
  • added code-coverage plugin (code not fully covered yet)

v0.2.1 – 2010-06-17

  • cleaned up code, small fixes
  • Mongo domains are now registered as “Domain” artefacts only
  • Tested with hibernate: gorm-mongodb is not working with hibernate plugin
  • Updated petclinic sample application

v0.2 – 2010-06-15

  • added ast transformations to mongo entities. id, version and needed annotations are injected automatically
  • mongo entities now have to be annotated with grails.plugins.mongodb.MongoEntity
  • updated morphia and mongodb-java-driver libraries. morphia now supports lazy referencing via @Reference(lazy=true)
  • MongoDB 1.5 support
  • generate-all now works with MongoEntity classes

v0.1.2 – 2010-06-08

  • added a mongo bean to access the preconfigured driver and mapper

v0.1.1 – 2010-06-07

  • renamed static delete method to deleteAll in order to avoid conflicts
  • plugin published to the grails plugin repository
  • added user guide

v0.1 – 2010-06-05

  • initial release
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