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TODOs / ideas for next releases

  • check code in MongoPluginSupport for changes borrowed from org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins.DomainClassGrailsPlugin
  • implement sparse index definitions for MongoDB 1.8
  • write some documentation with examples for referencing and embedding entities
  • document TransformationConfiguration annotation and put a page about inheritance in the docs
  • document merge() instance method
  • figure out some tests for inheritance scenarios
  • add a refresh method to instances, to pull current data from db again
  • remove deprecated stuff
  • use GMongo as driver wrapper (optional, can be turned of in configuration. morphia will still use the undecorated mongo-driver)
  • check out GORM Redis plugin and the inconsequential implementation and derive some best practices
  • add WriteConcern to methods, where applicable
  • add option to drop database on startup (dbCreate = “create-drop” // one of ‘create’, ‘create-drop’,‘update’ see
  • map Datastore methods onto Domain classes (as static and instance methods) – updateFirst, findAndUpdate
  • Add test for index definition syntax
  • save method: add support for failOnError:true in grails 1.2 (GRAILS-4343)
  • implement GridFS access
  • -process belongsTo and hasMany properties (via AST)


Classes in grails-app/domain directory

  • Validation methods are injected by Grails
  • id and version properties are injected by Grails