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'Users are Losers! They’ll Like Whatever we Make' and Other Fallacies
0 - Sample
Agile Servant Leadership practices with Moral Authority WOOF
Beginning Xbox 360 Development with the XNA Framework
Behind the Scenes of Building Microsoft Roslyn
Better Metrics for your Team
Better Testing with Given-When-Then @ dca652c
Budgeting Reality a Nuanced Discussion on Mock Objects
Building External DSLs for Fun and Profit @ 9f46d8e
Building Rich User Experiences Without JavaScript Spaghetti
Building, Deploying, and Scaling MongoDB @ 73c8a4c
CI for iOS
Cartography & Coupons - Introducing iOS6 Passbook & MapKit
Controlling Precision Electric Motors
DONT PANIC A Hitchhikers Guide to Debugging
Developing Mobile applications with PhoneGap @ 587d328
Diversity Talk
Don't Try This (Lightning Talk)
Everything I know about API design, I learned from the Spice Girls
Full Stack Integration Testing with Node.js @ f7619c4
Functional Testing with ASP.NET MVC @ 9f46d8e
Gamification of our World
Getting Mobile with iOS and Windows Azure Mobile Services
Go Go Golang Awesome
HTML 5 and the Great Mobile Debate
Hello, Arduino Write Code that Interacts with the Real World
How to Build a Cloud App in an Afternoon with Parse @ 18f938a
I Am Designer and So Can You!
Intermediate Xbox 360 Development with the XNA Framework
Intro to GIS and Mapping on the Internet Using Free and Open Source Tools
Is Agile Dead - Panel
Machine Learning - Predicting the Future
Machine Learning - Understanding the Past
NSPredicates for fun and profit
Not Everything is an Object- Functional Superiority with Clojure
Pecha Kucha Battle Finale
Puppet for Developers
Putting the D&D in TDD
Raspberry Pi Deep Dive
Real-world JavaScript Testing @ 75c7301
Realizing Agility with Scrum and Visual Studio 2012
Riding the Metro-Reflections after a year of Windows 8 development
Rounding out whole-team quality through exploration
Simple and Beautiful Rails Code with Functional Style
Straight-Up Design
Taking your Android Apps to the Cloud with Windows Azure Mobile Services
Test Driving User Interfaces
Testing It's Not Just for Your Code
Testing Web Applications with Geb
The Class That Knew Too Much
The Dogs Bollocks
The Evolution of Asynchronous Programming on .NET
The NativeMobile Web Beyond the Basics with PhoneGap
Touring the Universe with Scientific Python
Understanding Prototypal Inheritance
Using Images in iOS
Vital Testing @ 9f46d8e
Web Development with Python and Django
Your Dev Toolbox, Everywhere - Lightning Talk
dotNET TDD Immersion


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