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Object Graph Navigation Library
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Object-Graph Navigation Language - OGNL

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It's a simple Expression Language (EL) for Java, the code base sometime ago was migrated to the Apache commons ognl and this source code is used just to maintenance 3.x branch. The new version from Apache will start from 4.x

New! Apache commons ognl project

Out of incubator and now officially found here

Development activity

Release notes - version 3.0.1

  • Javassist added back as a dependency WW-3544

Release notes - version 3.0.2

  • small fix to solve a problem with compiling under JDK5

Release notes - version 3.0.3

  • small fix to improve performance WW-3580

Release notes - version 3.0.4

  • Adds possibility to discover eval chain

Release notes - version 3.0.5

  • partially reverts previous changes to allow OGNL to work in environment with Security Manager enabled WW-3746

Release notes - version 3.0.6

  • important performance improvement OGNL-224 - thanks to Pelladi Gabor
  • race condition fix OGNL-226 - thanks to Johno Crawford

Release notes - version 3.0.7

  • uses better method to calculate method's cache key WW-4113 - thanks to Kevin Su

Release notes - version 3.0.8

  • added better capitalization logic for methods WW-3909 - thanks to

Release notes - version 3.0.9

  • replaced IntHashMap with ConcurrentMap to avoid deadlocks WW-4451 - thanks to Jasper Rosenberg
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