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Create personalized youTube data visualization for wood workers using Python and Javascripgt
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These scripts were developed to make a series of data visualizations showing how much video content has been uploaded to a number of popular woodworking YouTube channels.

Watch this video to see this script in action:

To make this work on your computer:

Creating the spreadsheet

  1. Open the script in your text editor.
  2. Update the channelID to include the YouTuber that you'd like to look up and put in your own API_KEY (you'll need to go to the Google developers console to obtain one).
  3. Run the script in the terminal using Python 3.

Generating the graphic

  1. Open the js/visualization.js file in your text editor.
  2. Change the name of the .csv file referenced to match what you generated when creating the spreadsheet. Remember to save your document.
  3. Open the index.html file in your text editor and launch it (via a web server on brackets or on your external hosting space)
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