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An international highly efficient language for people who have nothing better to do than learn useless languages.
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Oltilip (/oʊ̯lˈtɪlɪp/; Oltilip: ⟨oltilip⟩ [olˈtilip]) is the ultimate international language. So easy to learn, so well-supported, and so elegant that the world won't be able to help but speak it. That's the plan, anyway. Here, you'll find eveything you need to learn it and all the source code needed to reproduce my work.

Key features

As an auxlang, Oltilip is designed to be as easy as possible for everyone to learn and use. Thus, in creating it, I followed three basic priorities:

  • Learnability -- the learning curve should be as colloquially shallow as possible, without sacrificing learnability.
  • Elegance -- unknown structures should be inferrable from known ones, when possible.
  • Neutrality -- no one culture should have a significant learning advantage over any other.

With these goals in mind, I developed a language with the following key features:

  • Seventeen common phonemes; five vowels and twelve consonants
  • Phonetic one-grapheme-per-phoneme Latin-based alphabet
  • 700 root words with thousands of derivatives and compounds
  • Completely analytic grammar
  • Stative verbs in lieu of adjectives
  • Symmetric derivation system for opposites
  • Positional notation of numbers
  • Active-stative alignment
  • Postposition-facilitated free word order

This repository

This repository contains all of the source code used to make the data-driven decisions in Oltilip's construction, and all of the information that exists on it. In particular, one will find an SVG of the official Oltilip flag, a Lilypond transcription of the Oltilip alphabet song, a world map with the names of all major countries in Oltilip, some Oltilip dictionaries formatted in Markdown and TeX, and some example texts in Oltilip (all of which are empty because I'm bad).

Other resources

Ha! I wish!

*This article is about the ultimate international auxiliary language invented in 2018. For other varieties, see other branches of this repository.

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