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London Tube Usage — Final Major Project in Camberwell College of Arts
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London Tube Usage Visualisation

An interactive visualisation built with the D3 JavaScript framework, utilising open data from TfL.


assets/             --> All of the assets needed by the application to run
  images/           --> Images and graphics used in the interface
  js/               --> All of the D3 & JS magic happens in this directory
    data.json       --> The JSON data extracted with the Tube Data Collector apps (refer to link below)
    main.js         --> Visualisation initialisation and redraw functions
    helpers.js      --> Geographic and model helpers
    interactive.js  --> Scripts for the UI bindings and updates triggered by the visualisation
    autoplay.js     --> Logic for the autoplay functionality
  less/             --> LESS CSS source file and a compiled CSS file to style the interface
index.html          --> The homepage, containing an empty <div> for the visualisation, and the UI controls

More information

For more information about how the data was extracted, please refer to this repository.

You can visit the live infographic on my website.

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