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An example of a Rack application for dpeloyment on JRuby, Trinidad and Heroku
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JRuby, Trinidad and Heroku

This is an example of a Rack application that can be deployed to Heroku on JRuby and Trinidad.

Getting Started

To deploy this application you'll need to do the following:

$ git clone git://
$ BUNDLE_GEMFILE=Jemfile bundle
$ gem install heroku
$ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack
$ git push heroku master


The most important parts of this project are:

  • pom.xml - this is a Maven config file that can be copied as is (in most cases).
  • Jemfile - a renamed Gemfile so that Heroku doesn't think this is an MRI app.
  • Procfile - a Heroku config file with instructions for running the app.
  • script/jruby - a modified jruby executable for the Heroku platform.
  • - the application itself (can be replaced with any Rack app)
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