A new jruby launcher built with mruby-cli
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mjruby Build Status

This is a rewrite of the JRuby launcher. It uses mruby-cli to build binary executables of the jruby command.

This is very much in beta, and needs your help!


  1. Run gem install mjruby
  2. Run JRuby by using mjruby instead of jruby.

Everything that works with the jruby command is supposed to work with the mjruby command. Please create an issue if you find a difference.

If you really want to push it's limits, delete the jruby executable in your JRUBY_HOME/bin directory and rename the mjruby executable to jruby.


  1. Install Docker
  2. Install Docker-Compose
  3. Run docker-compose run compile

And to run the tests:

  1. Run docker-compose run mtest