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This task works just like the `torquebox:deploy:archive` task, but remotely.
+### Using a local JRuby
+If you plan to use a JRuby installation other than the version that comes packaged with torquebox, you can specify it in the configuration like so:
+ TorqueBox::RemoteDeploy.configure do
+ torquebox_home "/opt/torquebox"
+ jruby_home "/opt/jruby"
+ hostname "localhost"
+ port "2222"
+ user "vagrant"
+ key "~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key"
+ sudo true
+ end
## Deploying to Multiple Environments
The `torquebox-remote-deployer` gem defaults to production mode, so all the examples shown above will execute with your `production` Bundler group and db config. But it's most likely that you will want to deploy to a staging or test environment before deploying to production. In that case, you'll need a config file for each one. In each config file, you can specify the RACK_ENV or RAILS_ENV like this:

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