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The Nine Circles of Hell: Front-End Development for Sharepoint

This right here is a brief book on front-end development for Sharepoint, written by yours truly. I was originally inspired to write this after working on a Sharepoint 2010 project and discovering that very few helpful guides exist out there in the vast expanse of the interwebs that solely cover front-end development within the context of Sharepoint.

Aimed at front-end devs (those who primarily write JS/HTML/CSS), I'm hoping this relatively brief book will help you with understanding Sharepoint, how it's constructed, and what you can do to ease some of the pain that's inherent when working within its confines.

Head on over to the gh-pages branch to see the source of the book, and visit the github page to read the book in all its glory.

Please note that the book is a single HTML file with embedded CSS for simplicity; I want you to be able to download the index.html and toss it on an e-reader, ipad, your phone, etc. and instantly be able to read it. I may offer a PDF once the book is 100% edited and finalized.

How to Contribute

It's a damn Github repo! Submit a pull request (for the index.html file in the gh-pages branch), as you'd expect.


  • Add in revisions and edits from technical editors
  • Screenshots where applicable
  • More cross-browser testing for typography formatting


The Nine Circles of Hell: Front-End Development for Sharepoint - a quick-start guide






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