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Jeremiah LaRocco

Common Lisp bindings to Blend2D.

Getting Started

These bindings will not be added to QuickLisp until after Blend2D has an official 1.0 release. Until then, installation is manual, and it's recommended to build against a source version of Blend2D.

Fortunately, cl-autowrap makes it easy to build the bindings from the source code.

Note: I've made changes to cl-autowrap that aren't yet in the upstream version. Specifically, I've added a :language parameter to autowrap:c-include to force parsing as a specific language.

Get and Build Blend2D

First, fetch the code and follow the build instructions. I've had good luck using the first shell script under "Building From Source". To simplify later steps, you can install the library using "sudo make install", but it's not strictly necessary to follow these instructions.

Get Blend2D Bindings

In your local Lisp project directory, clone the cl-blend2d library:

git clone

Load Blend2D bindings in the REPL

In Slime:

(ql:quickload :blend2d.examples)

The quickload will take several seconds the first time, as autwrap needs to run c2ffi, parse the .spec files, and generate code. Subsequent loads should be much faster.

Next, run one of the getting started examples:

(blend2d.examples:getting-started-1 "/home/jeremiah/blend2d.example.1.bmp")

This should produce a file blend2d.example.1.bmp



Copyright (c) 2019 Jeremiah LaRocco

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