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What Is BitcoinDark? 

BitcoinDark is a Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency. The first two weeks after release will consist of a two week Proof of Work period.

Why BitcoinDark?

It is the goal of the BitcoinDark developers for everyone involved in the Cryptocurrency revolution to have access to the exciting developments that have been taking place. An ASIC-friendly, mixed PoW/PoS coin with eventual anonymous transaction capabilities has been sorely overlooked.

The BitcoinDark developers believe that progress should never be held back. ASICs use much less energy than GPUs and are orders of magnitude more efficient. The energy used mining Scrypt coins for years to prolong the days of GPU mining was a truly enormous waste of resources on a global scale. Why hold back progress? BitcoinDark encourages it.

BitcoinDark Specifications

Coin Generation: Pure Proof of Stake with Proof of Work period upon release

Proof of Work Algorithm: SHA-256

Total Number of Coins: 22 million

PoW Block Reward: 80 BTCD

PoW Blocks: 20,160

PoW Target Blocktime: 1 minute

RPC Port: 14632

Port: 14631

Time to Maturity: 100 Confirmations

Proof of Stake Reward: 5% per year

Minimum Coin Stake Age: 8 hours

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