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A lightweight pagination plugin for jQuery
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jQuery Quick Pagination Plugin

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of jquery plugins out there that do some form of pagination. However sometimes you don't need a ton of extra featrues such as ajax or filtering, etc.

I came across a very simple plugin made as a tutorial over at ( written by Sam Deering.

I had some changes I needed to make to use it, and I couldn't find a shared respository for it. It doesn't seem to be closed source, my guess is just that the author didn't think it needed to be published. I think it does so I am publishing my changes to it. I don't believe this to be against any copyright or rules, but if so please let me know.


  1. Items must be in a list
  2. Currently only one pager nav per page works correctly. Plan to resolve this soon.


0.1.0 - 2012-09-10

  • Initial addition to repo.
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