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Welcome to Juhta.NET

Juhta.NET is an open-source, general-purpose application framework built on the top of .NET Core 2 and .NET Standard 2.

The basic idea of Juhta.NET is to provide a modular approach for the application development. You just choose those modules suitable for your application without any unnecessary dependencies to the entire framework.

Juhta.NET is designed to support modern architectures. These architectures comprise such buzzwords as microservices, RESTful Web APIs, event sourcing etc.


Juhta.NET is free, now and in the future. The main driver for its development is the pure passion for software development and code writing without any goals for economic benefits whatsoever.

The other important driver is that the author just wants to make himself and his current team more productive and also share this productivity toolbox in an open way.


Juhta.NET is licensed under the permissive MIT License, please see the LICENSE.txt file for more details.


The documentation of the latest release can be found here.

API Reference

The API Reference of the latest release can be found here.

How to Play with the Code

Juhta.NET has been developed by using Visual Studio Community. However, to get started, you just need to do the following:

  • Download and install .NET Core SDK
  • Clone or download the source code

By using Git, you can clone the repo by typing:

git clone

To build Juhta.NET, go to the root directory of the solution and type:

dotnet build

To run all the unit tests in the solution, just type:

dotnet test


For all the Juhta.NET releases so far, please go to the Releases section.

Future Roadmap

Below is the future roadmap for upcoming versions. Please note that the upcoming versions are subject to change. Development plans can be quickly changed, for example, based on the feedback or new disrupting ideas.

Version Schedule What's New
Juhta.NET vTBD TBD Juhta.Net.AspNetCore library included
Juhta.NET vTBD TBD Juhta.Net.Authorization library included
Juhta.NET vTBD TBD Juhta.Net.Diagnostics library included
Juhta.NET vTBD TBD Juhta.Net.Processing library included


The author will hope to receive any kind of feedback. Please use GitHub or Twitter for the discussion. You can also send email to

Please note that Juhta.NET has no official support, but the author will react to any findings related to the incorrect functionality or instability of Juhta.NET.

About the Author

The author of Juhta.NET is Juha Lähteenmäki. He has 20+ years of experience in software development and architectures. Furthermore, the author has been using .NET Framework technologies since they were first released back in 2002.

You can connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Juhta.NET is an open-source, general-purpose application framework built on the top of .NET Core 2 and .NET Standard 2.







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