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Copyright (C) 2008-2017 Jeremy Lainé

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Coconuts is a simple photo sharing web application. The backend is written in Python, using the Django framework. The frontend is written in Javascript using the AngularJS framework.

Some of Coconuts' features:

  • authentication: Coconuts uses Django's user system and you can create and manage your users with the admin interface.
  • easy to manage: photos and albums are simply stored as files and directories on the server
  • thumbnails: thumbnails are automatically generated as users browse albums
  • touch friendly: Coconuts features a clean and simple user interface which works well on tablets and smartphones. You can swipe between photos.


To make use of Coconuts, you first need to create a Django project.

You need to define the following settings:

  • INSTALLED_APPS: add 'coconuts' to the list of installed applications

  • COCONUTS_DATA_ROOT: absolute path to the directory that holds photos

  • COCONUTS_CACHE_ROOT: absolute path to the directory that holds cache

Finally you need to include somewhere in your

url(r'somepath$', include('coconuts.urls')),