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Text categorization using Naive Bayes for ECE467 project 1

Model description

The text categorization is performed using a Naive Bayesian bag-of-words model. Tokenization is performed using NLTK's word_tokenizer utility.

Generating train/test splits

The files in corpora/corpus[1-3]/*,, and corpus[1-3]_train.labels were provided from the course webpage. corpora/corpus1_test.list and corpora/corpus1_test.labels were also provided to demonstrate the format of the test files and test labels.

The *.labels files include both filenames and class labels (for the training dataset and for evaluating the test dataset), and the *.list files include only document filenames (for evaluation).

Random train/test splits for corpora 2 and 3 (corpora/corpus[2-3]_sub.labels, corpora/corpus[2-3]_test.list, and corpora/corpus[2-3]_test.labels), to mimick the train/test structure of corpus 1, were created using

$ python3
Enter input training file: corpora/corpus3_train.labels
Training subset filename [corpora/corpus3_sub.labels]: 
Test list filename [corpora/corpus3_test.list]: 
Test labels filename [corpora/corpus3_test.labels]: 

Training and prediction

These train/test splits can be used to train a Naive Bayes classifier and predict on the test set:

$ python3
Enter training file: corpora/corpus3_sub.labels
Enter test file: corpora/corpus3_test.list
Enter out file: predictions/corpus3_pred.labels

Model evaluation

A confusion matrix is generated using on the predicted and true class labels:

$ perl predictions/corpus3_pred.labels corpora/corpus3_test.labels
Processing answer file...
Found 6 categories: Sci Ent Fin Spo Wor USN
Processing prediction file...

150 CORRECT, 25 INCORRECT, RATIO = 0.857142857142857.

        Sci     Ent     Fin     Spo     Wor     USN     PREC
Sci     20      0       0       0       0       0       1.00
Ent     0       1       0       0       0       0       1.00
Fin     1       2       19      0       0       0       0.86
Spo     0       0       0       14      0       0       1.00
Wor     0       1       0       1       53      3       0.91
USN     5       4       2       3       3       43      0.72
RECALL  0.77    0.12    0.90    0.78    0.95    0.93    

F_1(Sci) = 0.869565217391304
F_1(Ent) = 0.222222222222222
F_1(Fin) = 0.883720930232558
F_1(Spo) = 0.875
F_1(Wor) = 0.929824561403509
F_1(USN) = 0.811320754716981


Naive Bayes text categorization tool for ECE467






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