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Safe Rides of Redding and Easton (SRRE)

safe-rides-redding-easton (beta 1.0.1) @ Also available at, or


Safe Rides of Redding and Easton (SRRE) provides safe, volunteer drivers for students who feel unsafe in the ER9 region. If you feel unsafe at a party, need an emergency ride home, or feel intimidated by your friends' insane driving, SRRE is there for you!

SRRE was created by Mike Klein-Wassink and Luca Cerbin. The web-app was created by Jonathan Lam.

Screenshot of tabs

Download and save as a web-app on iOS for easier access. See instructions here if you do not know how to do so.

Build 1.0.1

Changes from build 0.0.1

  • Consistent usage for secure websockets (wss) for client-server interaction (as opposed to mixing it with secure HTTP)
  • Use of Angular 5 for robust front-end structure (see the for more information)
  • Use of Bootstrap for responsive, clean front-end design
  • Cleaner, better-commented code
  • Addition of information page and privacy policy
  • Improved error reporting
  • More dynamic maps and mission page

Build progress

Because this build is brand-new, not all of the features have been implemented yet. Here is what is fully functional (but perhaps not complete):

  • Page template
  • Sign in (w/ error reporting) and out
  • Home page (w/ profile, sign-in and sign-up forms)
  • Request page (w/ improved map)
  • Request page server handling
  • Volunteer page (w/ tables w/ improved usability)
  • Mission page (w/ multiple expandable cards)
  • Volunteer page server handling
  • Mission page server handling
  • Sign up (w/ error reporting)
  • Chat for mission page
  • Show volunteer dates
  • Update maps, resize and center appropriately
  • Allow users to make changes to details or add volunteer key

Here are the major features going into development next (in order):

  • Add start time, drivee phone number to missions
  • Allow mass dumping of information for official records
  • Show when users are on-duty
  • Add linkable stops on about page for convenience
  • Minor bug handling
  • Potential PANIC button?

Current Bugs

  • Signing out during a session may cause some inconsistencies if you're signed in on another tab (easy but tedious).
  • Error handling syntax for db usage is inconsistent (easy but tedious).

Build 0.0.1 (for old times' sake)


  • Free sign up with your name, email, phone address, and home address. Details will be verified.
  • Sign up for volunteer hours. Volunteers must be authorized before being allowed to ride.
  • Request a safe ride.
  • Text messages sent out to remind users of volunteer times, contact volunteers when cases

(Verifications and text messaging still a work in progress.)

(Potential) Future Updates

  • Implement verification of users and driving ability for volunteers.
  • Finish implementing text messaging.
  • Logging of all safe ride info.
  • Higher site reliability.

Please file bug reports under the "Issues" tab above or contact Jonathan Lam.


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