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An official driver has been released by VEIKK.

This project should provide basic functionality for tablets but is no longer actively maintained. The original author is too busy with school/work.

VEIKK Linux Driver

A driver for VEIKK-brand digitizers/drawing tablets using the usbhid API. Configuration options are exposed in sysfs and configurable with an associated GUI. Connects low-level hardware events to the input subsystem (e.g., libinput), with some processing/mapping logic in between. This draws heavily from the Wacom driver for Linux.

image highlighting the v2 release


Currently, a set of basic basic digitizer features are supported, such as:

  • Full range and resolution for tablet pressure and spatial sensitivity
  • Configurable screen mapping, orientation, and (cubic) pressure mapping
  • Driver (using /etc/modules-load.d/) and options (using /etc/modprobe.d) persist after reboots

More features are planned for the near future, such as:

  • Button remapping
  • Support for gesture pads and additional buttons (model-dependent)
  • Device/model-specific configuration options


Make sure you have make and the appropriate linux headers installed (linux-headers-$(uname -r) on Ubuntu, linux-headers on Arch). See this for more details.

sudo make all install clean

If you are getting a Required key not available error, please see this issue.

Check out the issues tab for known setup issues and solutions.

AUR (dkms) package

Thanks to @artixnous, this driver is available as an AUR package with dkms! See input-veikk-dkmsAUR. Make sure to run modprobe veikk after installation to load the driver.

sudo make uninstall


Currently, the configurable parameters are screen_size, screen_map, orientation, and pressure_map, and are all available in sysfs under /sys/module/veikk/parameters with permissions 0644. Documentation on the parameters is available in veikk_modparms.c. You can update a parameter by simply writing the new value to it as root.

The visual configuration utility is available at @jlam55555/veikk-linux-driver-gui.


  • v2.0: Renamed from veikk-s640-driver, redesigned from the ground up to be more extensible.
  • v1.1: Basic command-line configuration utility is created! Includes ability to change tablet orientation, mapping onto section of screen, and mapping raw pressure input to pressure output.
  • v1.0: Basic digitizer capabilities (e.g., pressure sensitivity) for S640 and similar tablets.

Development status

Development was focused on the S640, A50, and VK1560, devices that are owned by the author of this driver.