Example Code for SceneKit's basic functionality
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SceneKitFun Basic
SceneKitFun Bendy Man
SceneKitFun CA Rotate
SceneKitFun Emission
SceneKitFun Floor Reflection
SceneKitFun Hit Testing
SceneKitFun Multiple Cameras
SceneKitFun Normal Map
SceneKitFun Parent Child
SceneKitFun Primitives
SceneKitFun Reflective Normal
SceneKitFun Reflective
SceneKitFun Shadows
SceneKitFun Shiny Blue
SceneKitFun Texture Diffuse
SceneKitFun Transparent
Bendy Man.blend
CocoaConf SceneKit Preso.key



Example Code for SceneKit's basic functionality. The use of most of this code is covered in this blog post: