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Faster Project Plus Installer for Linux

A script for compiling Faster Project Plus on Linux. Current Version: 2.15

Currently tested on Ubuntu, but should work across all distributions given the right dependencies. Older versions can be found under config/legacy/.

Join the official Faster Project Plus Discord Channel for support!

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Dependencies needed (install these first!)

Arch based distros

sudo pacman -Sy gcc8 gcc8-libs

Ubuntu 20.04 based distros

If running Ubuntu 20.04 or other distros based on it you must install this dep as well.

sudo apt install libxxf86vm-dev libxmu-dev libgtk2.0-dev

You must also tell the installer you are running it as well.

Other Deps

For most users (including Fedora 24+), see this page for an easy to install list of dependencies; otherwise, see below.


See attached README, written by fletchers#4892

Solus (possible list, untested):

sudo eopkg it -c system.devel

sudo eopkg it libgtk-2-devel libgtk-3-devel wxwidgets-devel libsm-devel gtest-devel llvm-devel lzo-devel mbedtls-devel miniupnpc-devel libxrandr-devel libxi-devel alsa-lib-devel bluez-devel mesalib-devel curl-devel enet-devel libevdev-devel pulseaudio-devel libusb-devel openal-soft-devel portaudio-devel sdl2-devel SFML-devel soundtouch-devel git cmake pkg-config gcc readline-devel libxext-devel libao-devel

Optional Dependencies

axel or aria2c

Gives a fast way to download the SD card. Defaults to wget without them. Wget is extremeley slow by comparision.

Downloading sd card benchmarks

SD card file size 2Gb zipped to 1.6Gb

UrlDownloader Download Time
axel 1-2 min(s)
aria2c 3-4 mins
wget 15-20 mins


  1. Install necessary dependcies listed using guide above. Don't forget that optional deps will bring fast downloads.
  2. Use install script to obtain FPP
  3. Move Brawl into FasterProjectPlus/bin/Games directory
  4. Run the game by opening the .elf file in dolphin

To use:

sh -c "$(curl -Ls"

If a different version is needed (e.g. not SL default), edit the script and replace the desired variables.

Packed config structure: main folder named Binaries/, with User/, Sys/, portable.txt, and version-####.txt(optional) packed inside.

HD Textures

You can download HD Textures here

From the Full Quality texture folder, take all folders and place them into User/Load/textures/RSBE01/ after installation.

Installer Changelog

v1.0: Support for versions 2.1 and 2.0.
v2.0: Downloads the sd card for you.
v3.0: Renames the config paths for you.
V3.1: Optional parallel downloads, increases the speed by magnitudes.
v4.0: Added support for Ubuntu 20.04
v5.0: Support for version 2.15.
v6.0: Support for version 2.2.

Thanks in part by:

The entire FasterMelee team, without their installer as a base, this would probably not have been written.

They thank the following people so it felt appropriate to thank them here as well:

/u/ParadigmComplex. "Seriously, I could not have finished the original script without this guy."

/u/jojorino and Hannesmann: "always testing and helping, as well as the rest of the FM discord!"

"Also thanks to xanax, CilanMan, /u/algebra123230, /u/folfess for incremental improvements!"

Faster Melee on Linux:

Want to play Melee on linux? Check out the FasterMelee team's installer here!