Uses the Instagram API to find connected hashtags
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This Java application uses the Instagram API to search for tags and co-occurring tags. For a given tag, (e.g. #cat) this application finds and counts the number of co-occurring tags (e.g. if #cat and #dog appear on the same photo they are considered co-occurring. The application will then query to find the co-occrring tags for the most frequent tags found with the search seed.

Example: #cat is the search seed. #dog, #catlady, #meow are the three most frequent co-occurring tags found with #cat. The application will then use #dog, #catlady and #meow as the search seed to find the tags that frequently co-occur with these tags. This process continues for a given number of degrees (where #cat and #dog are 1 degree apart).

The result is written to a file (e.g. instagramJSONData-catTAGS.txt).


The main class in this code is the class. This has the main and is where you can set the various parameters. The JSON object classes are found in the src.objects directory. These represent the different JSON objects returned by the Instagram API. The src.tests directory has the JUNIT tests for this project.


This application uses the Instagram API. You will need to set up an application on their website and get a client ID. (

This application used Google's GSON jar to convert JSON to Java objects (gson-2.3.1). (