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The NAS branch of Lustre (1.8.2 and beyond)
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build LU-2784 build: Provide RPMs build for Xeon Phi(TM) card
config NAS build: Build failed with Mellanox OFED
contrib LU-3497 build: Use alt. path for ZFS development headers
debian LU-3012 ubuntu: fix client module build
ldiskfs LU-3021 ldiskfs: to not verify preallocation in umount path
libcfs LU-6389 llite: restart short read/write for normal IO
libsysio LU-2752 build: Enhance build for cross compilation for MIC
lnet LU-4588 code: replace semaphores with mutexes
lustre-iokit LU-3154: Fix plot-sgpdd to match new sgpdd-survey output format
lustre LU-5006 mdd: don't call attr_set on object create
snmp LU-1460 snmp: Expose lnet stats through SNMP
.gitignore LU-1617 build: ignore automatically generated files
COPYING Move portals into its own CVS module for HEAD.
ChangeLog * make scheduler threads balance rx and tx more evenly LU-98 Fix defects in bug 14949 implementation
README LU-553 build: Lustre style commit hooks for Git LU-2784 build: Provide RPMs build for Xeon Phi(TM) card LU-1199 build: Improve git hook link installation LU-1199 build: Clean out the build directory Exclude local flavors from krequires. Add generalized NAS build scripts Add generalized NAS build scripts


Instructions for building, configuring and running Lustre can be found at:

The Lustre Coding Style Guidelines can be found at:

In order to improve the quality of patches submitted to the Lustre tree,
it is possible to automatically check every patch and commit against the
Lustre Coding Guidelines.  To do this, run in the top-level lustre/ tree:

    cp build/{prepare-,}commit-msg .git/hooks/
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