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A generic Rails app that includes a CMS, Wikis, and Forums
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This is a pretty standard Rails app that you might use as a starting point for a custom CMS.


  • Content Management System - Pages organized by Categories, in-page functions which can auto-generate lists and links; uses CKeditor for Rich Text Editing

  • Wikis - Multiple Wikis can be created, each with it's own Pages and Tags; uses CKeditor for Rich Text Editing (minimal interface)

  • Forums - Multiple Forums can be created, each with it's own Topics and Posts; uses CKeditor for Rich Text Editing (minimal interface)

  • Events Calendar - allows start and end date/time, file attachments, links

  • Blog - create blog articles, allow comments

  • User Group System - Multiple user groups can be created and read/write permissions to Wikis and Forums can be set by Group

  • Basic Theme Support

  • Admin interface allows you to change layout, change base colors, and edit CSS directly


  • Rails 3.0.1

  • RedCloth

  • authlogic

  • authlogic-oid

  • ruby-openid

  • will_paginate

and for testing:

  • rspec

  • rspec-rails

  • factory_girl


Set up like any other Rails app.

  • copy config/database-example.yml to config/database.yml and edit as necessary

  • run: rake db:create

  • run: rake db:schema:load

  • start with rails server (or mongrel or thin or passenger or whatever)

  • first user to get created is made an administrator

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