A silly story to demonstrate EPUB capabilities
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= The Forlorn Steampunk Catapult-Knight (fsck)

What the fsck is this? It's a story! But not a regular old linear story - it's a "Chooser", or some such thing. Remember when you were a kid and the only books that would hold your attention at the school library were the ones that forced you to make a choice at the end of every chapter? The ones that tricked you into thinking reading was a game? That's what this is.

Of course, it's mainly tongue-in-cheek, if you haven't figured out already. This ebook uses the EPUB format, and I created it to demonstrate how to use links inside an EPUB structure.

So far, the story is pretty short - but maybe you can help! Fork this puppy and add to it, and we'll turn it into a full-fledged adventure!

To generate the EPUB from this source code, you should use the epubbery ruby gem; source and docs at: http://github.com/jlapier/epubbery

If you're interested in just reading and not looking at the innards, grab the file called fsck_story.epub. Alternatively, you can find it here: http://openbookfiction.com/epub