Dynamics 365 Developer Extensions for Dynamics CRM/365 Customer Engagement
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D365 Developer Extensions

A Visual Studio extension to assist with day to day development for Dynamics CRM/365 Customer Engagement versions 2011+.
Visual Studio 2015 & 2017

This is the new version of CRM Developer Extensions

Wondering what changed? Check out the Change Log.

I recommend that if using with VS 2015, uninstall the older release of CRM Developer Extensions just in case.

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What's it's got currently

Numerous project & item templates

  • Plug-ins
  • Custom workflows
  • Web resources
  • TypeScript
  • Testing
  • Build your own

Web resource deployer

  • Manage mappings between D365 organizations and Visual Studio project files
  • Publish single items or multiple items simultaneously
  • Filter by solution, web resource type & managed/unmanaged
  • Download web resources from D365 to your project
  • Open D365 to view web resources
  • Compare local version of mapped files with the D365 copy
  • Add new web resources from a project file
  • TypeScript friendly
  • Compatible with Scott Durrow's Spkl deployment framework

Plug-in deployer & registration

  • 1 click deploy plug-ins & custom workflows from Visual Studio without the SDK plug-in registration tool
  • Integrated ILMerge
  • Compatible with Scott Durrow's Spkl deployment framework which allows defining registration details in code

Solution packager UI

  • 1 click download and extraction of solution to a Visual Studio project
  • Re-package solution files from a project and import to D365

Plug-in trace log viewer

  • Easily view and search the Plug-in Trace Logs
  • Ability to delete logs

Custom intellisense

  • Custom autocomplete for entity and attribute names from your organization

For additional details, see the wiki page

Post any bugs, ideas, or thoughts in the Issues area.