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I'm more than a bit surprised people were excited about this
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libdaemons-ruby1.8 (removed this dependency.  libdaemons is worthless)


./bin/ah create PATH_WITHOUT_A_GIT_REPO 
(this will do a git init on that directory)

./bin/ah start PATH_WITHOUT_A_GIT_REPO 
to make it start auto-commiting in an existing repo

./bin/ah status
will list any directories it's currently active for, and
when the last time it auto-committed.

When you run either of those commands, it will create a ~/.autocommit directory
and it will use inotify so whenever you write to the diredtory (or any 
subdirectories) it will do a git commit.  There's some code strubbed for
rate-limiting, but that never got implemented.

The one thing this is sorely missing is a "if I haven't committed in N seconds,
try to commit anyway" but theoretically it shouldn't need it.

I also want to add a config file so you can specify what files it ignores. (IE,
changes to the .git directory shouldn't cause you to try to auto-commit to git.
infinite recursion is bad)

Also, if the git commits ever fail in some weird way, like because you were trying
to do a git command when it tries to, it won't notice, it will keep auto-running
commands.  (Considering these are just 'git add -A && git commit' I'm not too 
worried.  Git is pretty crazy over-engineered.  You have to do a lot of work to
make it actually let you corrupt the repo.

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