Generating docs for each Git tag & branch, made easy
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Generating docs for each Git tag & branch, made easy



  • Checks for updates in Git branches or new tags and generates their documentation.
  • Git SHA values are cached for each branch so documentation is only (re)built if necessary.
  • Compatible with Doxygen, Sphinx and any other documentation tool.
  • Generates a summary table for each branch with build time, success/error status, etc.
  • Exposes a list of logs for each attempt to build documentation. Local path names are replaced to avoid exposing information on machine local paths.
  • Written in pure Bash. No dependencies. Install it anywhere.

Check out this example output.


  • Clone this repository.
  • Make a copy of the configuration template:
  • Edit to put the URI of your Git repository, etc. See all required parameters here

  • Add a call to bash [PATH_TO]/ to your crontab if you want it to be executed periodically (e.g. on a hourly basis).

  • You can also manually invoke To check that everything is working as expected, run it in versbose mode: